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Leonardo's perfume

Profumo di Leonardo


A real work of art of the "nameless" fragrance - unveiled for the first time on the occasion of the inaugural Milanese event of 27 September 2019, conceived and created exclusively for the #GenioeBellezza project.


The perfume, created to interpret the symbolism of da Vinci in an olfactory key, is signed by the nose of internationally renowned Emilie Coppermann, of the Symrise company, and was created and promoted in partnership with ICR - Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite, Bormioli Luigi Glassmaker, Industrial Box, Candiani, Quinto Lancio, Aptar, Arsmetallo and MT Communication.


"For the last scheduled stage of this itinerant project we have done something more. - explained Ambra Martone, president of the Accademia del Profumo - In the exhibition, emphasis is given to the link between Leonardo and the art of perfumery, a discipline he particularly loved, since it allowed him to preserve the essence of things in an olfactory form. The use of fragrances was, in general, very widespread in the Renaissance, an era in which everything was perfumed: body, clothing and accessories. Leonardo gave great importance to self-care and, at the court of Ludovico il Moro, devoted himself, among other things, to the creation of male and female fragrances. This is why we have enriched the exhibition with an unprecedented perfume created to pay homage to its charisma: a fragrance that is a work of art ".


The iconic bottle bears the signature of the designer Franz Degano of Quinto Lancio, who has done a great deal of research to find ways to combine the strong Leonardian symbolism with a current design.
"The challenge - said Degano - was really difficult: to capture the multifaceted essence of Leonardo and not to trivialize the project with a Renaissance aesthetic. To do this, I sniffed the fragrance for a long time and spent many hours studying in depth with Maria, creator of the exhibition».


To bring an authentic message from da Vinci to the present day, under the cap of the bottle there is a rebus, created by Leonardo himself, consisting of a heart, the letters "ni" and two three-arched bridges. To explain its meaning was the scholar Maria Pirulli: «The solution, which is obtained by reading from right to left, as the Master used to write, is" pontincore "and takes on a double meaning:" place yourself in the heart ", but also "keep in mind". Associated with the fragrance, the puzzle aims to represent a perfume that reaches the heart and contains the essence of Creation ".