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ARSMETALLOAluminium Packaging for Fragrance and Cosmetic

Arsmetallo partner of Cosmopack Factory Bologna 2018



Arsmetallo is proud and honoured to be part of a unique partnership: "Powderful" for The Unlimited Powder Experience, the sixth project created by Cosmopack Factory at Cosmopack Bologna 2018.


Designed by Centedegrés, "Powderful" is a project of collective intelligence that develops a smart product of great appeal.


The "Powderful" all-over palette brings together all the industrial phases in the creation of a luxury beauty product; from the ideation and design, to production, to the sell-out experience at the store.


The entire project was carried out with a perfect team spirit among all the partners coordinated by Cosmopack and Centdegrés. The great professionalism and competence built during these months have allowed us to create an innovative product, without equals on the market, and with real possibilities of positioning on high-level makeup lines.












From March, Thursday 15th to Sunday 18th, thanks to the exclusive contest curated by centdegrés, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna's visitors will have the opportunity to share a extraordinary experience of creating a luxury make-up product, from the first sketch all the way into the stores.

For the first time, the Cosmopack Factory will unveil the work that lies before a technological and cutting edge beauty product release. This process will be presented in a futuristic concept store where visitors will go through a new customer experience. Powder will be therefore a place where design, creativity and material come to life becoming the fundamental aspects of the process to design a beauty product.

Colours, texture, shapes and material come to life: the idea becomes a project, the project becomes a must.


Join us from March, 15th to 18th @ Cosmoprof, Hall 19.